Monday, 23 August 2010

Four wedding weekend....

Thought I would share some Young Blooms yummyness!!! We have certainly covered a fair few miles this weekend but as I sit here with my coffee and chocolate buttons (good pick me up :) there is a sense of satisfaction....

...All went well and our clients seemed to be happy with flower related things, weather was abit hit and miss but bless 'em all they got enough dry weather for those all important photos.

So I hope you all survived your Mondays, we have had record sales (of flowers) in the farm-shop so its deffo been a good Monday, so signing off (and on the hunt for more coffee) x

Ps...first planning meeting for National Wedding show on friday, soooo excited.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Well...five latte's consumed and the mind is buzzing. I think I have just about peeled myself from the ceiling. Young Bloom's has been invited by British Florist Association to attend the National Wedding Show at the NEC Birmingham. We will be displaying our super gorgeous flowers, stunning designs and all things beautiful. The event is happening on the 8th to the 10th of October 2010 and we will be part of it all!!!

As well as that very exciting news, I wanted to include some of my adventures this weekend, one being this rather yummy bouquet. Alliums (the big purple ball shaped ones) are fast becoming a favourite of mine. This was delivered to one of our lovely customers this morning.

In a moment of madness late Saturday afternoon I decided to make courgette chutney....there is a homemaker/housewife in me somewhere, it took jolly ages to create and then you have to boil it for what seems a lifetime ( I do have to thank my husband at this point as he finished it off when I got completly bored). Anyway here is the evidence of all our hardwork, I just need some crackers and a chunk of nice cheddar with a spot of wine and I will be in a happy place!! Signing out...(and on the hunt for wine)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How exciting, my first post on our shiny new blog!!! We are loving are new website, so thanks to James Green @ my green label for all his hard work.
We have both recently enjoyed holidays away and I managed to wangle a week in NYC!! Stayed at the Waldorf Astoria of course :), but oh my gosh, anyone thinking of getting married abroad, go do it at the Waldorf. The florist alone should be enough of a persuasion! They have a boutique in the lobby of the hotel and on my morning coffee run I would just drool at all the loveliness....yummy orchids everywhere! Though saying all that, one might pale at the starting price for a wedding there.
Anyway this blog will aim to bring you excitment, lovely flowers, new projects, gorgeous weddings and much more, so pleased stay tuned and keep in touch as we value all our Young Blooms friends.