Monday, 13 August 2012



I couldn't resist adding this photo in, only because we all
fell in love with the roses! These were the gorgeous Colombian roses called 'baronesse'. Alas they have no scent but their style is pure cottage garden!


Now don't all fall over in shock but this lovely man (who of course is my husband) waltzed into the house on Tuesday afternoon with a rather gorgeous bunch of flowers! No reason other than to treat me, I was quite proud of him cause as he told me the florist who had served in presumed he had no knowledge of flowers.....

Seriously!! He is well trained and knows his peony from his hydrangea!

Anyway the delightful lady was told that 'my wife is a florist' which I think puts the fear of God into any florist and home he came with this glorious bunch!

You can imagine Tuesday was a good day!


Colour is always an interesting choice, I know it's not Autumn yet but why not celebrate late summer colour! We used peach avalanche roses against the very vibrant sunflower and thought it worked quite well for a bit of rustic charm!


There is an old style elegance to this wedding venue! I like to think it has a huge history, with lots of character and charm! The Brides choice was elegant arum lilies, blowsy ivory roses with cottage garden herbs! We used fresh mint wherever possible and the smell was just glorious!


Friday was Friday and certainly full of flowers! I absolutely loved these fabulous creations! Full of gorgeous peach avalanche roses, late summer delphinium and luxurious amaranthus! They certainly were a talking point for all.


What can I say about Saturday apart from I had a sneaky day off! My fabulous business and bestist sister-in-law manned the fort and I went for Brunch to one of my favourite places. What can I say.....


This says it all, Sunday has to be about sleeping, having lots of coffee, Sunday papers, seeing friends! Though also hanging out here in the morning!! Its good stuff.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simply connected....

It is incredible these days how much inspiration there is on the web for planning your great day! I have my top five blogs that I love to catch up on, I keep an eye on what people and other businesses are doing on twitter and I love to check facebook and to see whats happening!

 The rather fabulous thing is that you can keep an eye on us and see what we are up too! Everything from instagram to pinterest ~ we do try and download beautiful things that inspire us and  weddings we have loved! Why not follow us, sign up to our blog, like us on facebook and then you never need miss out!

Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, indulge yourselves, treat your friends and make it a good one!


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