Monday, 18 February 2013

A whirlwind kind of week

I don't think our feet touch the ground last week....
Valentines was certainly last minute and very vintage in style! But it did involve an emergency Bridal bouquet in the middle! They say variety is the spice of life....
This marvellous gentleman had his Valentines Brunch.... *Oh to have been a fly on the wall! Sigh...*
(some day I will meet him I'm sure)
Three gorgeous weddings at the weekend and what a fabulous Bride we caught a peek off!
Met a scrumptious Cake Maker at Guyers House, that's one VERY clever lady!

What's your week been like? xx

Friday, 8 February 2013

A week looking forward


A rather lovely email popped into our in-box from one of our Groom's. He wanted to send a bouquet of flowers to his wife for their 1st year anniversary. He sent us a rather gorgeous photo which I couldn't possibly show you because it might just spoil the surprise. We are going to replicate her bridal bouquet ~ what a thoughtful Husband!


Tuesday is the day for stocking Hartley Farm-shop up with fabulous flowers. We have a rather marvellous stand on the way in to the farm-shop where you can pick & choose your chosen flowers.


It's been a week of birthday bouquets! We had an order from New Zealand, one of our Brides wanted to send flowers to her Mum in Bradford-on-Avon and that I guess is the joy of technology.Do remember you can always order online if your not able to pop into the shop.


Thursday is always delivery day for flowers to Newton Farm-shop. We have now been selling flowers there for the last couple of months and its going to extremely well! So if you are in their neighbourhood and want to treat yourself to some yummy flowers, you know what to do.


Is wedding prep day. From table-centre's to thank-you bouquets. There is always a whole host of lovely flowers to arrange! Both the Shop & workshop are normally full to the brim of different creations. One thing I love about my job is that no two weddings are the same!


Weekends are always meeting time for us at this point in the year. And this week is no exception, from a couple getting married on the 31st December at the ever gorgeous Homewood park hotel to a lovey summery wedding at the delightful Wick Farm. We always have coffee together in the Farm-shop, chatting about the wedding. Deciding on colours, browsing through our portfolios and seeing what the possibilities are.


Sunday is most certainly the day for collapsing in a heap! Whether it's having a roast with friends at one of our favourite pubs or hanging out here on a Sunday morning! It's definitely a day for taking it easy!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You need a tea-break moment?

How fab are these!!
We had the very talented Matt from Clearly Bespoke come and take some photographs for us last weekend. You will certainly see these on our website for sure!!

Have you seen our website recently?.....
Being it's Valentines day in nine days....


Monday, 4 February 2013

Amour {part 2}

When I was at University a group of us girls got together and held our own Valentines party, I have to admit we watched something horrendous like Anne of Green Gables. But what the heck, I had a great time with my pals, sipping on some nice wine, eating pizza and feeling quite lovely. It wasn't the most stylish of parties but when with a group of close pals, who really cares!

How are you celebrating this year......

I'm going to attempt to actually get a card for my Husband.....

Happy Monday. xx