Friday, 24 September 2010

Chic & Unique

Chic & Unique has been the phrase of the day in all things Young Blooms. Sounds like it should be the title of a Madonna song!! Well yet again the weather has held for the lucky bride, we were back in the yummy Wicke barn & this time it was elegant, cool & chic!! And quite frankly all in the detail.

Well talking about detail, we are now two florists with nervous twitchy eyes!! A little google/medical research (I know, I know this is never a good idea!!).... but apparently caused by too much caffiene!! NOOOOO...Us florists exsist on latte's, or least I do.

Boy wonder is ironing his shirts....I know well trained or what. The sun is shining and George the cat is bumbling round in the garden somewhere...the rest of the afternoon is up for debate, but I think walks and nice pints will probably work for me, so enjoy whatever your up too....signing off till next time.

Ps Enjoy the photos below!!

This is part of our new workshop! You can see surely why I want to take most of the furniture there home....

Simple yet, perfectly elegant!! Laura is truly fab!!!! ( that's the other of me, in Young Blooms world)

And of course this is the imfamous George....boy wonder is not a fan, though secretly I think he quite likes her.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Time in all its beauty

Mmmm went to bed last night feeling quite pleased with myself....back from work and I don't think I want to see a flower again for a while, but businesses do not run themselves alas. My man sits opposite me and wrinkles his noise, tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth (bless thats concentration for you) you see he has taken up blog writing too. Unfortunately his is slightly more intelectual than mine therefore one can only hope that mine will generate something in some useful form.
Flowers for wedding today were tres yummy! Vintage ahoy. Though me being a stressed lady this morning and did no photos of the brides bouquet at all! Darn...
Move has gone well, though the workspace is now a pigsty and you have to climb over lots of foliage to get a chance of seeing any nice furniture. Well, I sign out and dash off to the pub (one being so tired and all that, can't be bothered to cook you see)...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Delicous sights & smells

Is there not something completely delicious about finding a new something and thinking 'yes this is just up my alley?!?' Am home from work and sitting in the garden, beer in hand while I scribble my thoughts down! The weather is just yummy & autumnal and is blessing for the wedding we did this morning! The new something was Wick Barn...

A very chic new venue situated near Farliegh Hungerford, beautifully decorated and was a fabulous setting for out flowers (he he). From the farrow & Ball stable doors, the bunting tastefully draped around,to the Molton Brown moisturiser in the toilets. You can understand why I fell in love.

More exciting than all that Young Blooms is moving.......

Only to next door of course!!! We are in cahoots with Hartley farm on a new venture, we are sharing our workspace with lots of very gorgeous shabby chic french furniture. The type of stuff you would fill your house with (that's if I had my way...boy wonder thinks it just needs a coat of paint) I sign out with a view to eating more cheese and contemplating moving..

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The joy of colour

Sounds a like a rather grandiose title, but I had a moment last week!!! The moment happened when I was conditioning the flowers (that's technical speak for putting flowers into water). It was the colour and more so the contrast of colours and rather pleasing they were!

Now I know flowers like celosia are up for debate but I had bright orange celosia, peach roses, sedum, orange gerbera and purple dalhia to play with!! Now I don't know about you or whether flowers even float your boat but I was in flower heaven.

Its funny when selling flowers at the farm-shop where we are, because we have yet to work out what mood our customers are in and what is going to take their fancy! I'm sure if I was of a scientific nature I would be able to find some study of customer moods and what makes them buy certain flowers and not others? Buckets full of cream gerbera go like hot cakes and a bucket full of gorgeous roses will hang around like a bad smell! Why?! Maybe I will do some reasearch and let you know! Anyway am signing out and off to drink some herbal tea (busy weekend and all that)x