Sunday, 24 April 2011

A little bit more......

A rather gorgeous table centre
A little bit more.....a motto of our holiday! And I think its a motto I will take into the weeks to come. We all need a little bit more time to do the things we love! Time to relax, time to go on holiday!

Speaking of holidays, Laura and I have both had time away which was fabulous...we did not much more than drink yummy wine, eat delicious cheese and lie around in the sun reading! I think a little bit more of that would be good for anyone.

But back to some sort of reality and sharing of some wedding  snaps! Where ever you are I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend and enjoy doing a little bit more of what you love...Signing out and #LBM to all

Spring bridal bouquet

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Heavenly climes

Mixed rose hand-tie

Hasn't this weather been heavenly?? Sitting out in the garden most evenings this week with a glass of wine has been gorgeous.
We have just about recovered from Mother's day weekend, it was a roaring success and helped by having a fabulous team of workers with us! We are loving out new member of staff Amy whose hand-ties are coming along fabulously (Photo will follow)

Wedding season is in full swing so enjoy the photo's. We were at Bath Spa hotel last weekend
and are at Leigh Park hotel next weekend...

Mother's day yumminess
Good news for Young Blooms is that its holiday season for us!! Hurrah I hear you say....
Laura is currently off in very sunny Cornwall and I will be racing off to France next week!
(looking forward to far too much red wine and delicious cheese)

So adieu until next time my friends!!

George actually sat still, so couldn't resist...