Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A love for the home-grown

I thought I would do an update on how the garden is growing, as the last lot of photos I posted on here were pretty much bare earth, also a bit late but there was a fantastic celebration of British flowers at New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. Do check out their blog for the round up of all their news!

The garden is as they say fairly blooming, I am managing to pick a small posy of sweet-peas every morning. The dahlia's & snap-dragons are just beginning to flower so in a week or so I might just be able to create a small bouquet of flowers from this lot. 

I do take my hat off to flower growers in this country through, I know as a florist I can just send an email to my wholesaler with a list of all the flowers I want and they are there when I arrive. 

Growers in this country have a whole lot more fun dealing with British weather alone.......


Monday, 24 June 2013

Saying it with flowers.

I always love the variety of ways people choose to show their feelings/appreciation for other people through flowers.

It was my Birthday on Saturday so I bought some of my favourite flowers, I think you can't help loving peonies & sweet-peas, the scent is just yummy.

Grown in my green-house

Would love to say I grew these.....

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Texture ~ part two

As you can imagine our Shop was filled with fabulous smells last weekend as we put together this wedding. The colour palette was a soft lilac using the blue moon roses, lovely striking blue cornflowers, big scented ivory peonies and tall blue delphinium for in the Church. It all looked very fresh, summery & inviting. 


Monday, 17 June 2013

Texture ~ part one

I tweeted a picture of these amazing origami birds when they arrived a couple of days before this couple's wedding.

Talk about dedication! This Bride was delightfully organised with her beautifully crafted creations.

I love the idea of texture within arrangements and how you create it. These bouquets were all about it, the Bride had fairly certain ideas about the flowers she wanted to use - so it was a real pleasure to help her realise the bouquets she was looking for.

Flower Selection

  • Roses ~ Miss Piggy
  • Bubble spray rose
  • Ivory astrantia
  • Green Bluperium
  • Scabious seed-heads
  • Eucalyptus
  • Succulents

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A vintage celebration

One thing I love with this job is we get to see such a huge variety of hotels, B&B's, private houses and just generally some gorgeous places! The bride stayed the night before at the Admiral's House which is a stunning Georgian House bang in the middle of Bath, but anyway enough about houses, let's talk flowers.....

The Bride had a bouquet of Illusion roses, with beautifully scented freesia, some ivory avalanche roses helped set the soft pinks off and a small amount of the palest pink bouvardia.

The ceremony was at Priston mill. For the reception we filled the cream jugs with hydrangea, roses and some gorgeous pale peach stocks (which are now nearly my favourite)

All around I'd say it was quite the celebration!!


Friday, 7 June 2013

A beautiful find

We attended a wedding event last Thursday put on by Fosters event catering at the rather beautiful Kilver Court. It's a magical place, with a dovecot that is quite scrumptious. You can seat 6 people inside and then have an extra 30 outside!

The event was held in the 'Jardines' ballroom, with stunning high ceiling and tall windows overlooking the beautiful gardens it's quite a fabulous find.

I loved using the vintage style birdcage for the table-centre example as it was filled with scent stocks & peonies and smelt gorgeous.

One of my favourite award winning stylists was there as well, The little wedding helper created a unique place-setting arrangement on a pair of gorgeous vintage ladders, she's a very clever lady for sure. Your'll see from the photo above!!

Couples who attended the event were treated to yummy treats from fosters and of course it would have wrong not to sample at least a couple of the canapes that went past.

Enjoy the photos and hope you have a fab weekend.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Across the fields we go.

Beautifully scented buttonholes of Lavender,
rosemary & lisianthus

This bouquet was all about the scent.

I was watering the plants in the shop this morning & was getting wafts of lavender and geranium and realised how scent is so evocative. This wedding was certainly all about scent...

Setting the Marquee up was fabulous as the table-centres were planted buckets of French & English lavender, put that with some very gorgeous and blousey peonies and elegant sweet-peas and I was in heaven.

I'll let you into a secret....
We walked across the field from our Shop to set this wedding up!
It was at Hartley Farm-shop.....
If your interested then do enquire!!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Magical summer days....

Finally the summer seems to be here, we had a fabulous weekend of weddings, started off by this gorgeous ceremony at Priston Mill! 

The colour palette was soft ivory and palest pink with some gorgeous vintage roses called 'dreamland'. 

The venue looked fabulous as organza has been elegantly draped across the balcony and gold silk sashes had been wrapped around the chairs!! 

It was lovely to see Sandra Monger in action too with the velvety quilted cake she had created! I loved the cute little lovebirds that sat on the top. She is one clever lady! 

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine. xx