Sunday, 14 October 2012

The man that is Niemeirko

I've been meaning to write this blog for a while and am genuinely conscious of this not being too weird a write up, but......

I came across Mark Niemierko about 3 years ago when a friend mentioned she had seen his work online and I should have a look! Now I am not a wedding planner by any stretch of the imagination but creating wedding flowers most weekends, you could say I sit somewhere in the same field as him but just maybe 50 miles away.

For a man who has Peggy Porschen & Rob Van Helden  in his little black book, you can see why he is marvelously good at what he does... (if you don't know who they are then jolly go and look em'up NOW)

I think what intrigued me was an interview I saw of his on this rather fabulous blog by the wonderful Kat Williams. It certainly gave insight into how the man had created what is quite an incredible & powerful brand. I think one of the things that struck me most was how he talked about turning up to meet brides in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when he first started out and realising that if he wanted to reflect his brand that was not the way to go. Now that was a good lesson to me in a very simple way and quite inspiring too, it is important that we are 'ourselves' in our business, that we are genuine in relationship to our customers (but clearly don't look like an utter scruff at the same time).Therefore it's always good to have people ahead of you who inspire you and make you pick your game up! Some day I will be floating round this hotel arranging flowers....

I would dearly love to meet Mark and who knows, maybe I will. But for not I continue to follow him here and there as he goes about his glamorous way.

I did comment on Kat's blog and nearly fell over when I had an email from Mark himself thanking me for it! I tell you, I floated around for at least 24 hours....

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Inspiration comes in many shapes & sizes

If someone asked me what inspires us in our business I would say people. Sounds very simple but it is the Brides & Grooms that we spend time with, the customers who let us help them celebrate special moments and the flowers that we arrange for some very difficult occasions.

The flowers to the left were given by a group of friends to a very special women who lost her Mum recently! Both had such a love of colour, there was nothing uninspiring about either women. So we wanted to show that in the bouquet, by the cheery miniature sunflowers and the fabulously scented cerise roses.

Wedding anniversary flowers

As a florist you see the whole cycle of life, babies being born, the fabulous weddings and the sadder moments of people passing away! The thing is that when flowers are chosen for any event no one person's taste is the same. The bouquet opposite was delivered to a local hotel where the couple were celebrating their anniversary, the friend who ordered them wanted them delivered at the beginning of their weeks stay so they could enjoy the flowers right through.

A Bridal bouquet

This bridal bouquet was made for a wedding last weekend. When you think of Autumn weddings it's very easy to get swept up in yellow/oranges/reds ~ classic seasonal colours! But we have had a run of purples/blues/burgundy ~ really rich velvety colour combinations and that's really my point. Brides come to us with their inspiration and we enjoy the journey with them as we create something fabulous for their great day.

What inspires you dear reader?......

Monday, 1 October 2012

An apple a day....

Well, I'm sitting at my very untidy desk eating a bit of leftover sausage-roll from here and have a nice mug of herbal tea on the go. The sun is shining and  I'm all prepared to write!I can't believe October is here and as much as we British do moan about the weather, I can't help loving the crisp Autumn mornings and warm jumpers, building log fires and generally sleeping lots *wishful thinking*!

I did promise a selection of photos from one of our Summer Brides and  here they are! Rachael (the Bride) sent through a beautiful selection of photos from her day and I've been dying to show them to you all!

The bouquet had a very elegant and modern feel to it, though a touch rustic with the hessian tie on the stems.

The flowers were a selection of creamy avalanche roses, gorgeous ivory cymbidium orchids, green 'chartreuse' roses, guelder roses (vibernum opulus-for those in the know) and bear-grass loops. 

The wedding ceremony & reception were held in the Tythe Barn at Priston Mill. The barn is a fantastic venue as the high ceilings give the space a very airy feeling! Plus lovely tall table arrangements like Rachael had work like a dream! 

Enjoy the photos and thank-you to Rachael for sharing a bit of her magical day with us. xx

Our wedding day turned out to be all we hoped for and more; the sun shined all day long! The planning seemed to go smoothly with us doing lots some weeks and nothing the next. Young Blooms were recommended to us by a friend and they didn't disappoint. A bright Irish green was our colour theme and we were happy to give Grace & Laura free reign on what flowers to use; they are the experts after all  We googled lots of the flowers after our initial meeting and were happy with the choice. We originally wanted limes in the vases and only added the idea of apples a few weeks prior to our big day. We were really pleased that they decided to use rustic apples as opposed to Granny Smiths; the end result was wonderful! We thought our venue had the 'wow factor' on the day and much of this was due to the flowers. Thanks again ladies!