Monday, 23 May 2011

A Rose by any other name

Jo Caldwell and Rich Vipond
There once were two brides called Jo
Who both loved  roses and so
With quite different styles

They walked up their isles
With beautiful flowers on show

Joanna Millers bouquets

So my floral lovelies now the pain has passed from reading my amazing poetry I thought you might like to read a couple of rather great emails we had this week.

"Laura, Fantastic service and flowers, glad I left it to you for choice"
"Just to say the flowers for Jo,s wedding on Friday were just perfect.  She is in America but I am sure she will blog on her return.
Thanks again she said 'the room is exactly as I imagined." 
So until the next poetic installment (can't you all wait?!!) .........

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

More beautiful spring weddings

So wedding fever is on . Lets hope this wet Wednesday that the sun shines again this weekend for our  two upcoming brides.
Just a few photos to share some floral loveliness.
The first is a photo taken by photographer Matt at clearly bespoke, his photos of Louise and James Comleys wedding were just great.
Jane Wettons bouquet including aqua roses, echinops, orchids and hydrangea

The next two are of Emily Duggan and Jane Wettons two wedding last Saturday. Both equally lovely, but it's amazing how different the styles. 

Emily's classic rose and orchid shower bouquet

Also this weekend we are donating a display to the Limpley Stoke Church flower festival so I can't wait to take photos and see what other displays the ladies do. Ok signing off ,have a good one
Laura x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Praise indeed

So I'm finally having a go at this blogging thing . I was really pleased this week to recieve these messages from our customers, so much in fact I couldn't keep it to myself.

This came in today from a customer

 "My Aunt Belinda was thrilled with the flowers you delivered today. Believe me, that is an accolade!
Thank you"

And this came in last week from a grooms mum
"Just a quick thank you for the flowers for John and Olivia’s wedding on Saturday.   The hanging balls looked magnificent and the surprise was kept despite questions about the rope hanging down.   All looked great so thank you so much. will be quick to recommend you if anyone enquires about wedding flowers!"
Ready, steady ...
I thought I'd also show you a great photo of one of our bouquets "in action," at the wedding of Kylie and Jon. I don't generally recommend throwing our flowers away too early but in this intance I think it can be forgiven!

'Til Next Time
Laura xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Weekend's that last forever

Was it me or did that four day weekend go awfully fast?
Though WHAT a weekend! And WHAT a dress....
I loved all the build up to the great event, the excitement was amazing! I was toasting the Duchess of Cambridge with a glass of Pimms before she had even got to the great door of the Abbey though most the males in the room were toasting the younger sister....

This week has mainly been pouring over my celebratory copy of Hello magazine and eyeing up the outfits worn by various royals and wishing I could be as elegant as Zara Philips!

My main conclusion from all the jollities was how proud we should be of our country, what with Sarah Burton creating that dress, Philip Treacy and his incredible selection of hats. It certainly felt good to be British on Friday!

Apart from all that drama we worked hard over the weekend and you can see some of the results. A beautiful wedding in a marquee and another at wick farm. Wishing you all a fabulous rest of the week and roll on for another weekend!!