Wednesday, 18 January 2012

General Excitement....

Just cause they are beautiful
We have both been amazed over the last month how wedding bookings have been flooding in and we are hugely excited in how the business is growing as Brides/Grooms find out about us through the website and word of mouth. We both absolutely love having our business and watching it grow is just a pleasure.

So for the first time in all this business we are trying to be organised and let people know in advance of weekends that are now fully booked.

I'm dreaming of summer days!

So it is as follows:

13th/14th April
11th/12th May
15th/16th June
Thurs 9th and Fri 10th of August are both full but 11th is not.
17th/18th Aug
24th/25th Aug
1st September.

 As result of this we would like to thank all who have supported us so far, our customers and fabulous brides and we look forward to the year with huge excitement.

Ps - the photos are mostly for anyone who is experiencing a grey weather day, as its a horribly grey day here and I need a reminder of summer!! xxx

Picked from my garden last summer! 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Being brave....

The fabulous tea-house
Weekends of fun are good for any ones soul! I wrote this while looking out over a very sunny but cold Kew Green in London. It was a gorgeous weekend of relaxation and jollity, we visited Petersham Nurseries on Saturday and this is where the title of this blog may begin to make sense!

 You happen on the nurseries almost by mistake, a little sign high on the wall marks the way along a very narrow alley way and then it's suddenly there!! Three huge old fashioned glass green houses filled to the rafters with gorgeousness! We stopped for lunch in their tea house(the Michelin starred cafe was fully booked) consumed warm ham salad with artichokes and braised pumpkin and it was delicious!

The reason I loved this place was just that it was so simple and yet such a statement, it's not a place for the faint hearted as your bank statement might weep on the return home but it didn't care!! Everything from the mono chrome palette in the planting to the choice of Guatemalan or Colombian coffee (not a skinny latte in sight) screamed 'we know who we are!!' And I thinks that's brave, it knows it's not going to be to every ones taste but man did I love it...

As a result I'm pleased to say Ive just created another resolution (who cares if it's late)

 'To continue to create a business that knows what it's about, and is proud of where it is!"

So enjoy your week, may it be full of interesting moments! 
Signing off...and off to find some biscuits!!
PS...I bought some interesting succulents while at the nurseries so look out for some new designs soon!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New year resolutions.....

Well, I have to say I have made no resolutions this year at all, they are all just thoughts! Things I want to develop, things I know I need to change, things I want to plan for.

I went and treated myself to a beautiful notebook with which I will fill with lists, dreams, ideas etc etc. And maybe in some way this a resolution. To write down ideas that keep me pushing myself and the business forward.To remember write down the challenges that happen so I can learn from them. And write down the moments that I enjoy and will enjoy in the year as it unfolds.

I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve and wish you all a very blessed and happy year to come.