Saturday, 27 April 2013

A rather gorgeous little number.

We believe the happy couple were going on Safari after the wedding

What a gorgeous wedding with a peach of a bride!!
Met the ever stylish Sandra Monger who made the couple's fabulous cake.
Loved the table centres as each one was different with Spring very much in mind....
Used some yummy British flowers grown by this rather lovely company.
Always good to support local....
All in all I would say it was a roaring success.


Friday, 19 April 2013

A bridesmaid dilemma

I was having a discussion with a Bride this week about what flowers to give her bridesmaids!
Are you having a similar dilemma?
Have you even decided who your having as your Bridesmaids?
Then you've got to pick their dresses.
I would always go simple but gorgeous with the flowers...

Monday, 15 April 2013

A little bit of imagination

Sweet-peas slowly showing some life

I think I mentioned a while ago about 'British flower' hour on Twitter that I been having some fun with. Between 8pm & 9pm you can join in the conversation with the hash-tag #britishflowers. I've got chatting to a really wide range of people, from growers to other florists, allotment holders who are trying to grow flowers for the first time and also some well established businesses who are keen to promote the idea of British grown flowers.

I have found the conversations inspiring as people are keen to share ideas & tips that they have gathered. So I thought we would give it a go on our own and see where we get too.

Slightly healthier looking sweet peas.
You have to imagine these will be beautiful flowers
Going to be beautiful snap-dragon's come the Summer
So far we have sweet-peas growing, I've planted blue & white scabious, delphinium, zinnia, snap-dragon's, mint, sage & rosemary.

You have to have a lot of imagination at the moment as everything is so tiny and young, but as the weather seems to be warming up.......(said very hopefully) Things might start moving a bit faster, long term I would like to have a plot near our shop at Hartley but time permitting I'm starting the growing at home.

As well as all my growing efforts and through joining in the British flower hour I met a local grower Cally Smart who has been doing some fantastic work in our area, encouraging people to grow their own! Come the Summer we are planning that she will be able to supply us with locally grown flowers as-well. So if your around our area then do pop into Hartley Farm and see what's on offer in the Young Blooms Shop.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A rather magical day

This couple couldn't stop smiling on their wedding day.
I think their wedding photo's really do tell a rather magical story.
We loved their cake, a very clever lady made it with a very steady hand! 
Her wedding dress had pockets in, that makes me happy.
She cried when I delivered her bouquet and that made me cry too! 
I do love flowers!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A wedding with twist

This was a fantastic bouquet to create. Jo had found a picture of what she wanted and so we got to work. I used an oasis ball which I wove and pinned different grasses into create the circular shape. Then long pieces of steel-grass were threaded with pearls to create the trailing stem. Finishing it off I wove some gorgeous lily-of-the-valley in at the top to give scent and focus.

I loved the graceful way that the steel-grass fell at the bottom to create shape and curve. It was fairly light as a bouquet and easy to carry, I think some Brides might be nervous of the more unusual shape but sometimes a little bit of confidence goes a long way as Jo showed.

The photographer for Jo & Chris's wedding was the Bristol based Dawn Wilkins, do check out her website for more of her work.

The reception was held at Limpley Stoke Hotel and we created some fabulous table-centres using Olive trees. Certainly unusual but a brilliant present to give people as a memento of the day.

This couple were very much about attention to detail, down to the buttons that were delivered to us to decorate with and the beautifully designed thank-you labels on the wine bottles.

All in all a fabulous wedding and a couple that we loved working with.


Friday, 5 April 2013

Historical review

Taken by the marvelous Helen Cawte

Just a small look back through the Young Blooms Archive.....
Love how every wedding is different, even down to the jewellery, think I'm a fan of the pearls option.Terribly chic!
I just sigh lots when I look back through photos, in a good way of course!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sunshine is the best tonic

As you can see it's been quite a busy sort of time....
A variety of weddings, a magazine feature or two and some fabulous bouquets going out the door!
What on earth of you been up too? I'm beginning to dream of having barbecue's and drinking wine on summer evenings now the clocks have gone back!

Much love to you all. xxx