Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Three French Hens

Well, following on with this festive theme, one can't help but worry about how 3 french hens might survive in this delightfully cold weather! We have hit minus 4 in the workshop so far, but I'm sure it will go lower than that!! Anyway enough about the weather and more about the rather gorgeous designs coming out of Young Blooms Central....We had our first Christmas wreath workshop this weekend, do check out some of the wreaths below, I was so proud of all the ladies...I could have hired them on the spot.

All the workshops were sold out, which was brilliant and the atmosphere was lovely! We were really encouraged by all the positive feedback coming from the ladies so do look out because there most certainly be more workshops to follow....we think a lesson on spring hand-tie's is in order around Easter time.
Orders are stacking up nicely for our wreaths and don't forget if you want a more custom made one off design and then either phone and visit...
Signing off and in pursuit of warmth..

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Two Turtle Doves

Mmmm coasting through google I found some rather lovely pictures of turtle doves...but then found a rather more amusing picture that seemed to fit even more into the festive period. How fab is that....a beer called 2 turtle doves. I think made in California. I could just imagine sitting by some nice log fire sipping that!!
Well enough of amusing/random pictures - Christmas is well and truly setting in as orders are coming in for wreaths and we are busy preparing for Hartley Farm Christmas Fair.
But back to the turtle doves, aren't they all about love and romance?..... What would you send your loved one? What would be your ideal present??

I know I am a florist but I love sending flowers at Christmas - all about treating people!!

So this Christmas - why not push the boat out and find that unexpected treat for that special person!!! Don't have to have a huge budget, why not make something? (you could always come on our wreath making workshop?) or check out http://www.youngblooms.co.uk/ as our Christmas Shop is up and running and if your on our mailing list then your Festive newsletter should have popped up in your inbox for you to feast your eyes upon!! Have a restful Sunday and keep warm....bitterly cold here x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Partridge in a Bay tree

Now I know, I know. Those are not the words, but I happened across a rather yummy recipe for pear & cranberry chutney and it got me thinking about the 12 days of the festive period that we are nearly upon. We don't have a pear tree but two rather nice bay trees sit outside our front door. (we did try and festoon them with sparkly lights, but that's another story all together).

Anyway here's the recipe, I am going to attempt to make it so I will let you the readers know how I get on.



1 Onion (finely chopped)

325g Dried Cranberries

3cm Root Ginger (grated)

2 Cloves Garlic (finely chopped)

1/2tsp Ground Cinnamon

1/2tsp Ground Coriander

1/2tsp Ground Mixed Spice

150g Caster Sugar

2tsp Dried Chilli

300ml Cider Vinegar

2tbsp Brandy

5tbsp Water

4 Conference Pears (pealed, cored and chopped into small pieces)


Place the Onion, Dried Cranberries, Root Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon, Coriander, Mixed Spice, Sugar, Chilli and Cider Vinegar into a large saucepan and put over the heat. Mix all the ingredients and allow them to reach a simmer, keep cooking the fruity mixture until all the liquid is soaked up and the fruit is tender.
Add the pears to the mixture and allow to cook until the pears start to soften. Keep an eye on the texture of the mixture and if it starts to get too dry add the water, 1 tablespoon at a time. Once the pear has softened, add the remaining water and the Brandy.Once all of the liquid has been absorbed take the chutney off the heat and spoon the chutney mixture into sterilised jars.Store in a cool dark place, eat within 6months. Once opened keep jar in the fridge and eat within 2months.

Well, I hope you enjoy the culinary moment! I'm sure there will be more as we head towards Christmas and I will let you know chutney making goes. As you finish reading, I hope you like the wreath to your right!! Currently on our front door. This ones a nice one as I made it in an oasis base so I think it will last longer than normal! Hurrah....(also don't forget that we can now post bouquets and wreaths, so if your not seeing friends or family this Christmas then why not send them something lovely, ala photo!!)....signing off xx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas Special

We are very excited to be offering Christmas Workshops where you learn how to make your very own wreath. All the materials will be provided and we will be on hand to give you guidance! Now a lot of people see the wreaths that we make and say 'my gosh I could never make something like that.' But fear not, the kirsty McCall will come out in all of you and you WILL be surprised at how creative you can be! So why not book, bring a friend (for moral support) and come and enjoy doing something different this Christmas! (you can click on the image to make it bigger and see all the details.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Seasonal Delights

Well, its been a rather varied weekend. Weather wise and all :)....looking back through the photos taken, I thought I would just download a whole lot and let you the viewer enjoy!! These amaryllis are quite frankly sensational, they are currently being enjoyed by customers at Hartley Farm shop (aren't we nice) These will be available right through the Christmas period as cut flowers and also as plants.

This to my left was a rather yummy bouquet that got boxed up and sent off to leicestershire this afternoon (though I do think my packing left something to be desired) So don't forget we can send bouquets all around these fair isles and will also be sending Christmas wreaths!!! What joy for the postman....

George has just curled up on my lap demanding attention, so writing may be interesting! She is now big enough to lie down and paw/claw my face in a only the affectionate way she knows how...anyway moving on

This was a bridal bouquet done for a wedding at the Pump Rooms in Bath! I love its simplicity and elegance. Calla's work incredibly well by themselves, they fit together so easily and create such smooth lines....mmm beginning to sound like my old tutor!!! Finally below is another bridal bouquet. I love that no two bouquets are the same, some Brides will come with a very specific idea and picture of what they want and others really don't know what they like and you end up creating something together which is great fun. Equally ever being the diplomat, I love both ways of working. Otherwise my job would be dull dull dull!!

Signing out and off to hide under the duvet, as its far too cold.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn leaves

Now as the title may suggest we are going nostalgic, oh yes we are. I don't know about where you live but the Autumn colours this year are quite frankly gorgeous!!! As I drive to work along the country lanes I can't help but see the season in all its glory.
But as the photo suggests Autumn is quickly making its way for the festive season as shops begin (VERY) quickly to stock all that you need. The weekend has seen our Christmas stock begin to arrive as we have been sorting out Cinnamon sticks, ordering our handmade vintage lavender hearts, untangling those pesky twinkly lights and sorting out the making of our fabulous Christmas wreaths.

So fear not all you lovely people!! Young Blooms will be here to help you source your every floral need for the coming festive season....and as always keep checking in on our blog to watch out for the new arrivals, the old favourites and frankly down right gorgeous items that we will be selling. Much love and keep warm.....signing out and in search of coffee!!!