Thursday, 28 October 2010

A further top five

Well, now I dispelled all the rubbish about helping cut flowers survive in your home, I move onto plants! To be honest this is a slightly amusing topic for me to touch on as those who know me know that plants really don't survive that long in my house! But fret not before you fall over in a heap of desperation.......

I have had a eureka moment!!

Think Spring bulbs!!! Nooooo I hear you say that's so Grannified. But no, check out the photo. There is nothing that speaks less Granny than this arrangement. A nice sleek and stylish tin, sits easily on any coffee table and makes any visitor think your obviously a Kirsty Allsop in the making....

Anyway, enough of Allsop

Here is my top five hints for trying to keep plants alive at home:

  1. Read care instructions (always good to state the obvious)
  2. Watering, this might seem silly but all plants are different. Reading instructions will help on this matter. For instance orchid plants don't like to sit in water as the roots will go moldy...
  3. If its a flowering plant, always a good idea to pull of heads that are dead or dying. Then the plant can put energies in elsewhere!
  4. Think about the position of the plant. Don't put plant in sunlight if its not a fan!
  5. Enjoy it as it enjoys your care and attention and then frankly you can feel pleased as punch and come over all Kirsty Allsop or Allan Titchmarsh...(which ever floats your boat)

And there you have it, very simple tips for healthy plants! (If you don't succeed then just give us a ring and we can send the replacement, no one will be none the wiser :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Treats all around

I brought some rather gorgeous 'largo' parrot tulips home this weekend from work and it got me thinking how often I take flowers to friends and watch them plonk them in a vase or pop them in the sink till they get round to sorting them out. So my thought was to create a helpful top five tips for enjoying flowers in the house.

  1. Take wrapping off (yes I have seen this left on, ha ha)

  2. Cut off about an inch of stem at the bottom

  3. Pull leaves off bottom of stems (so its not floating round in the water going moldy)

  4. Find yummy container (my tulips are in a plant pot that I like) other good containers being jam jars, vases, old retro tin cans.....

  5. Find suitable position for flowers to be enjoyed and admired(because aren't you good for having fresh flowers in the house!)

And there you have it, simple as pie!! Other flowers/plants to enjoy at this time of the year are potted bulbs, they might sound a bit old hat but we have been potting them up in sleek aluminium tins and they are selling like hot cakes!(photos to follow...)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Treats all around

It's been a rather nice week so far...people have been phoning with requests such as 'well, my friends feeling down and I would love to send a little treat to cheer her up'. That was the yummy sunflowers to the right. Or 'I just wanted to send a thank you present to my friend, can you do me something nice?' I think sometimes there is nothing more lovely than sending flowers. When people are not in the habit of treating themselves to a little luxury here and there, then its even better to do it for them.

If you do fancy a visit to the farm shop then our workshop (filled with very nice flowers and furniture) is now open 9.30am till 12 every day. And then you can stock up on treats for yourself and others...

Anyway I'm off to finish the quince jelly making extravaganza!!!!.....enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Musings

Well, its been a funny week. Both of us sleeping lots and trying to cut down on the latte intake. But the van is cleaned out and the workshop almost back to normal. For those not in the know, we had a stand at the National Wedding Show (NEC) last weekend. Looking back it all seems like a blurry dream of sparkly wedding dresses, brides and vintageness (Ala Young Blooms of course)
But all in all we made some good contacts and met lots of lovely people. Do check out These lovely people supplied our vintage crockery which got so many compliments. As you can see, small bunches of lovelyness placed in teacup and saucer works a treat.
The scariest highlight moment of this week was when we began to think about the next couple of weeks, which then rapidly switched to musing upon christmas and writing plans on the back of envelopes...cause thats what we like to do hahah, though it was made worse by driving past a local gift shop and seeing 93 shopping days left till Christmas....
Wowee, I think I am making a pact with myself to enjoy Autumn, mush through the leaves in the park, weed the garden, have a bonfire and enjoy walks in the autumn sun wrapped up in nice woolly scarves. Yes that is a plan!!!!
Anyway I sign out (in search of honey and lemon,mmm I think I have a mild case of man flu, though still determined to mush through the leaves) enjoy!!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Home again

Now I know in my zest for all things floral/wedding, said I would be blogging every night after the Wedding Show - quite frankly impossible. I barely had enough energy to eat a plateful full of food then collapse into bed, but all in all we had a fabulous time!!!

We talked to loooadds of brides, from everywhere really. Was amazed at what a variety of venues, ideas, dresses there were. Though I do wish I could have run around and tried a few sparkly ones on! Queues for the dress stands were incrediable, at one point on the Saturday I saw it was an hour and half wait to try a dress on!!!! I call that a dedicated wait.

Anyway let me dazzle you with photos of the great Young Blooms stand. I am so proud of all that Laura and I have done and we certainly proved that we can play the big boys, so enjoy the photos. Signing off (and on the hunt for another coffee,while the cat tries to lick me to death ) x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

plans afoot

Well...huge apologies for no blog this weekend gone!! Due to the fact that Young Blooms is off to the National Wedding Show this weekend at the NEC in Birmingham! Thoroughly exciting, but with a list as long as my arm, its busy busy time. So if your going to the show we look forward to meeting you, if your not then check out our blog as I hope to be blogging every night after the show!! Hurrah