Saturday, 18 September 2010

Time in all its beauty

Mmmm went to bed last night feeling quite pleased with myself....back from work and I don't think I want to see a flower again for a while, but businesses do not run themselves alas. My man sits opposite me and wrinkles his noise, tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth (bless thats concentration for you) you see he has taken up blog writing too. Unfortunately his is slightly more intelectual than mine therefore one can only hope that mine will generate something in some useful form.
Flowers for wedding today were tres yummy! Vintage ahoy. Though me being a stressed lady this morning and did no photos of the brides bouquet at all! Darn...
Move has gone well, though the workspace is now a pigsty and you have to climb over lots of foliage to get a chance of seeing any nice furniture. Well, I sign out and dash off to the pub (one being so tired and all that, can't be bothered to cook you see)...

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